A Mission to support emerging technologies in FinTech

The mission of ValueStream is to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in the Financial Services industry. We foster a community of customers, professionals, and investors, and partner with emerging technology enabled Financial Services startups, with a strong focus on companies that target the Professional (B2P), Institutional (B2I), and Enterprise (B2B) spaces.

The founding team and its group of advisors have deep content expertise across the Financial Services industries, startup operations, and alternative investment management.

Our process focuses on customer and product development. For companies that are past the “man with a plan” stage, we combine a customer feedback and industry mentor-driven model to enable our portfolio companies to move beyond a working prototype into the sustainable customer base stage – typically in preparation for a growth inflection point. Our program is the missing link in the Financial Services startup community.

A discovery point for Financial Services innovation

A Team with Deep Expertise in Financial Services

  • Greg

    Greg Neufeld Managing Partner / Founder

    Greg co-managed a series of investment funds at SI Capital Management trading market index futures and options, before leaving to pursue entrepreneurship including stints at FailStation and as the co-founder of Freespeech, a consumer mobile messaging app.

  • Josh

    Josh Elwell Managing Partner

    Josh has substantial experience both in growing technology startups and in the investment management industry. Josh co-founded BuyWithMe, a rapid-growth ecommerce company, which grew from 2 to 200 employees in less than 3 years, raised $37M of venture capital, and was acquired by Gilt Groupe.

  • Karl

    Karl Antle Managing Partner

    Karl has significant experience advising and launching innovative financial services companies and projects across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, most recently as a senior member of Oliver Wyman’s Financial Services and Private Equity groups.


FinTech Thinks That’s A Cute Little Wall Street Job You’ve Got There
October 23, 2015 | Dealbreaker

Big opportunity: Find the legacy jobs in Finance that don’t deserve to be such high-earners and build technology solutions to lower the barriers to entry for these roles, and eventually automate the hell out of them. So if you’ve ever thought about leaving your post to join a FinTech startup – or if you’re freaked out that your job is ripe for disruption – it’s probably time to think about saving a good chunk of your 2016 bonus so that you can afford to join up with the FinTech startup...

Hedge Funds Are Thirsty As Hell For Decision-Making Data
September 11, 2015 | Dealbreaker

If you’re building a startup that collects unique data, hedge funds want to talk to you... by yesterday. Here are examples of company archetypes for data deals we’ve been seeing and some metrics around revenues those companies are commanding for data...

20 startups out to create a new world order on Wall Street
July 25, 2015 | Business Insider

"There is a new world order coming to Wall Street", and ValueStream's portfolio companies are paving the way. Some of the companies look to usurp traditional players, and others step into the gaps they've left behind.

FinTech Frenzy
June 15, 2015 | Compass Magazine

From retail banking customer service to the capital markets, financial technology – FinTech for short – is reshaping the financial industry as established players scramble to compete with or buy up the technology startups that are streamlining age-old processes. “The entire financial services industry is going to be reinvented with technology, and we think there is US$1.25 trillion in the US alone that’s up for grabs,” said Greg Neufeld, managing partner and founder of New York-based ValueStream Labs, one of the “seed accelerators” that has emerged in key cities across Europe, the US and Asia to foster a community of support for FinTech startups. “Services are becoming products, relationships are becoming electronic platforms and manual processes are being automated,” Neufeld said. “The delivery mechanism is Web and mobile instead of in person or over the phone.” -B2B Versus B2C FinTech -London Versus New York -Banks Buying Startups

ValueStream Labs Has A Plan To Accelerate The Fintech Industry
May 01, 2015 | Benzinga

ValueStream recently announced that it has expanded its fintech funding, providing between $100,000 and $1.5 million in funding per portfolio company. This is significantly larger than any other accelerator in the space, but that's only part of the story. The other part involves the success that ValueStream has already achieved.

VCs are in search of the next Airbnb: Competition ignites as accelerators woo the best startups in the city.
March 10, 2015 | Crain's New York Business

Winning a place at one of New York City's elite startup accelerators is like getting accepted to Harvard or Yale—and many entrepreneurs go all-out to secure what can be a powerful calling card. But, with startup hubs multiplying, even the most prestigious facilities now must work overtime to lure prized applicants.

The Origins of a Financial Tech Accelerator
October 03, 2014 | Accelerate

Recently I got a chance to meet with Greg Neufeld of ValueStream Labs to discuss the Financial Tech accelerator he manages, as well as his thoughts on the accelerator landscape.

21 People in the New York FinTech Scene You Need to Know About
September 10, 2014 | AlleyWatch

New York is one of the world’s financial capitals, and for a long time, FinTech has been regarded as that back office stuff – classic enterprise technologies such as processing, data management, record administration, security and the like. Well, that has all changed and here are some of the people who are changing it and the way Wall Street itself doing business and finding – and disseminating – information. Word on The Street is that financial technologies are taking over the front office now, too. Read on and be warned: it’s not your father’s FinTech anymore…

FinTech Startup Labs On Growth Path From London To Hong Kong
September 04, 2014 | Forbes

The opportunities in fintech innovation are substantial. A recent Accenture report says that “Since 2008, global investment in financial services technology (“fintech”) ventures has tripled to nearly $3 billion. The dramatic changes underway in financial services, driven by new digital technology, regulations, consumer behavior and the need to reduce costs, mean this trend is set to continue, with global investment on track to grow to up to $8 billion by 2018 .”

3 Ways Traditional Financial Services Pros Can Profit From FinTech Startups
September 03, 2014 | TABB Forum

Financial technology startups are transforming financial services. But whether they are complementary or competitive businesses, financial service professionals must get involved with FinTech startups ASAP.

Fintech reshapes Wall Street
September 01, 2014 | Crain's New York Business

New York's fintech cluster has grown twice as fast as the Valley's over the past five years.

Inside the NYC FinTech Cup: Tweets, Charts and Stiff Competition
June 10, 2014 | BetaBeat

ValueStream Labs hosted their annual FinTech Cup on Monday night. This year, eight technology start ups competed to show they were bringing the most innovative and impressive developments to the financial sector.

IEX & the Re-Mutualization of Market Infrastructure
May 28, 2014 | Wall Street & Technology

Whether success or failure, devil or savior, IEX exists because enough members of the buy-side community wanted it to. The reason we created VSL was because we believe that data, technology, and transparency are the answer -- and that this is the beginning of a wave of buy-side investment in technology and startups in recognition of the impact technology is having even in the most fundamental aspects of investment management.

Inside the NYC FinTech Startup Scene
May 23, 2014 | Wall Street & Technology

ValueStream Labs, a firm that helps connect entrepreneurs, investors, and financial services professionals, has two offices in Manhattan in partnership with OfficeLinks, a leading NYC office space provider. Its large co-working space, seen in the following slideshow, can seat entrepreneurs from many firms. ValueStream is an investor in ChartIQ and Estimize, two of the more established vendors whose employees sometimes use this location while in New York for meetings.

Rebuilding Financial Infrastructure for the Web
April 17, 2014 | Wall Street & Technology

Entrepreneurs are preparing for a new generation of infrastructure providers.

Estimize raises $1.2m; unveils crowdfunded M&A predictions platform
March 27, 2014 | Finextra

Estimize, a US start-up that pools members' forecasts for earnings results at listed companies, has raised $1.2 million in funding and launched a crowdsourced mergers and acquisitions predictions platform. Current investors Bob Greene from Contour Venture Partners and Jim Savage from Longworth Venture Partners joined the round along with several individuals and a syndicate of angels put together by ValueStream Labs.

Estimize Unveils Crowd-Sourced M&A Prediction Platform, Raises $1.2M Expansion Funding
March 26, 2014 | WatersTechnology

Investors include a syndicate of hedge fund, bank and exchange executives, bank analysts, current and former CEOs of technology companies and family offices, assembled using the AngelList funding platform by ValueStream Labs, a technology startup venture and development company that helps early-stage financial technology companies─specifically those pursuing disruptive technologies that re-create legacy processes─to find partners and investors, and to accelerate their business and product development strategies. "In finance, you have this ‘triple-threat individual' who can be an investor, an advisor and a customer. We had a number of high-quality people who had worked with Estimize during its early stages, and had expressed interest in being part of any future fundraising," says Greg Neufeld, an advisor to Estimize and founding partner of ValueStream, which began working with Estimize in March 2013 to help the vendor improve its access to customers and customer feedback via its ValueStream Development Lab. "We have brought a lot of new institutions to the Estimize conversation," Neufeld says. "It's about finding people who understand what Estimize is trying to do, and getting products and features in front of potential clients and explaining in a way to those decision-makers so they can communicate the value of Estimize as a partner within their organization."

FinTech Startups Benefit from Buy-Side Investment Trends
March 14, 2014 | Wall Street & Technology

Cutting edge technology vendors have retargeted their products for the buy-side, a welcome change after years of stagnant technology spending.

Why Venture Capital Has The Hots For Financial Services
February 24, 2014 | Wall Street & Technology

The Finance Technology 2.0 model is based on automation and technology rather than relying on people and manual processes.

What You Missed at the FinTech Hackathon
November 14, 2013 | AlleyWatch

“This is the best place to meet a potential partner for fintech start-ups, or to get to hired,” said Greg Neufeld, founder of ValueStream Labs. “This is the coming together of a verticalized start-up community.”

Where Are All the Bankers Going? Not as Far as You Might Think
April 25, 2013 | Yahoo! Finance

Greg discusses how investment bankers are increasingly interested in joining the tech startup scene and what skills will help them make that transition.