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How Do You Say “Information” in Over 100 Countries?

Professional investors are constantly in search of superior investment opportunities, and this of course requires access to superior information. And although we have seen an explosion of research and data in some areas, there’s still a confluence of issues that limit access to information on companies in the emerging markets.

The number of funds looking at emerging markets has exploded, from several hundred firms ten years ago to nearly 4,500 today¹. One might think this would be accompanied by an increase in emerging market research coverage, but wide gaps persist. Take a country like Russia for example: only 37% of companies in the MICEX-100 are covered by at least one of the top ten global sell side research departments. And even when including research by local banks, 27% of those companies are still only covered by two or fewer analysts².

And this situation is not likely to improve. Equity research is generally viewed as a cost center, and since the businesses...

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Closir News

UK start-up wins place on Hong Kong fintech programme
August 04, 2015 | Financial News

Closir is among 10 start-ups that have won places on a new fintech accelerator launched in Hong Kong, as Asia's financial technology scene continues to gain momentum. Michael Chojnacki, co-founder and chief executive of Closir, said Asia was a growing force in the fintech community. "Asia presents vast opportunities to any fintech startup with global plans,” he said. “However more emphasis is required on relationships and on local know-how. So the earlier we can start building those, the better.”