The problem: FinTech startups face unique challenges

Consumer web companies benefit from one of the fastest product feedback cycles known to exist. Developers can test new features rapidly by deploying live and gathering A/B feedback. Getting in front of Financial Services professionals to secure product feedback often proves much more challenging. Further, the nuances of industry dynamics and workflow need to be incorporated into any emerging company's product in order to ensure a broad base of appeal across the industry.
Accessing the Financial Services community for customer development opportunities is hard. Professionals have busy schedules, can be hard to reach through traditional marketing channels, and often times have complex internal policies/procedures to navigate. Institutions are on the hunt for new technology to gain an edge but do not always know the best place to look.
The single most unique factor of Financial Services versus other industries is the complexities introduced by regulation. Institutions suffer from entrenched risk, oversight, and compliance issues with the added complexity of multiple regulatory regimes (local, state, federal, multiple agencies, foreign governments). Understanding regulatory implications and internal interpretations is a critical aspect of developing a successful FinTech company. Recent regulatory upheaval in the US and abroad is creating new opportunities across almost all segments of the industry.

The solution: The ValueStream Development Lab

ValueStream Development Lab

A community driven approach to business and product development feedback from industry peers


Product Development

Structured feedback from potential customers and industry experts; a successful evolution of the product value proposition

Business Development

Guided introductions into a hard-to-access community of prospective customers, investors and partners across the Financial Services landscape

Industry Network

An online and offline community approach to networking with proven FinTech entrepreneurs, product experts and industry executives

The details: Common questions

ValueStream works with and invests in early-stage technology and data providers in the Financial Services industry, known as "FinTech", and also companies from other industries seeking opportunitoes to build large customer bases in Financial Services. Applicants should have a fully or near fully built product, and be seeking to increase sales to professional and enterprise customers, gather actionable feedback from high-profile customer prospects, and obtain guidance from proven entrepreneurs and industry experts.
We believe New York City presents a nexus of opportunity for those looking to launch tech enabled Financial Services companies. However we recognize that other cities offer benefits as well - and can effectively work with companies located throughout the United States and some other countries, as long as founders are committed to periodic travel to NYC.
ValueStream invests between $100,000 and $1.5M in companies in our Development Lab, which is deployed over multiple rounds of financing, as needed. ValueStream’s fund is a highly strategic source of capital for FinTech startups. In fact, nearly all of ValueStream’s investors are either financial institutions or senior-level industry professionals in Financial Services. Our investor base and impressive network of advisors give startups access to a wide range of expertise and deep industry connections that would otherwise be out of reach for early-stage companies.
The program length is flexible but is typically 6 months.
ValueStream Labs accepts companies on a rolling basis and as such there is no "class structure," although we will seek to encourage cooperation between participating companies.
Yes. Please email to receive an overview of the framework the ValueStream Development Lab uses for our Business and Product Development workstreams.
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