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3 Reasons Professionals in Financial Services Can Profit From FinTech Startups

FinTech disruption is in its early innings, particularly on the institutional side, but the number of exciting startups is growing. You’ve likely heard of companies like Lending Club in the lending sector, Wealthfront for wealth management, and Square for payments. Companies like these are reinventing very old processes in their respective sectors, and I could list many more examples of technology firms like these who are gaining mainstream recognition. But there are thousands of startups reimagining much more niche functions in the Financial Services industries, and many of them could be complementary or competitive to your own business.

So…how can you profit from these startups?

Working with fledgling companies is a foreign concept to many FinServ professionals, particularly outside of the CTO’s office, but here are 3 reasons you should personally and professionally get involved with FinTech startups right away.

Reason 1: You will adopt the best technologies...

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