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Estimize is the first company to provide revenue and EPS estimates from buy side and independent analysts on an open platform, disrupting the traditional Wall Street sell side approach.

  • Over 2700 contributing analysts
  • More accurate than Wall St. 69.5% of the time
  • Recently signed a deal to integrate into Bloomberg terminals


ChartIQ is a premier provider of financial charts, including both technical analysis tools and novel visualizations of fundementals, available on the web, tablets, and smartphones

  • Designed for Developers
  • Integregates easily with proprietary datasets
  • Used directly by traders, analysts, and individual investors, and licensed by brokerages, financial websites, and other technology platforms

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Rebuilding Financial Infrastructure for the Web

  • March 27, 2014    
  • Karl Antle    

We spend a lot of time looking at startups that are trying to disrupt the financial services landscape for end-users. These businesses are sexy and headline-grabbing …everyone loves an underdog.

But there is another class of financial technology startups that are just as important: financial infrastructure. Communication networks, order routing systems, trade execution, clearing, account filing, reporting, risk analysis, fraud detection, and account servicing – these are all infrastructure services that, while never seen by an end customer, play an important role as the “plumbing” in a well-functioning financial system.

When entrepreneurs launch new web-based businesses that service end customers directly, they must often rely on existing financial infrastructure for support.

The problem is that most current infrastructure was designed for a financial system that was at best handled in a network server environment and at worst handled with manual,...

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