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The New Finance App That Would Have Saved Me 2 Hours a Day (in Every Job I’ve Ever Held)

Our job at ValueStream is to dig deep to uncover new products that meaningfully challenge the status quo, but the average user of a new product doesn’t have this level of motivation. Early-stage products are rarely as polished or functional as the incumbents they are attempting to supplant, so it’s crucial for the differentiation to shine through.

Or as I like to say, the value proposition needs to reach out through the screen and slap a first-time user in the face.

As an early adopter, I will only devote my time to a new app if the company’s vision is so clear to me that I know the effort I put in to adopting it now will not just result in a short-term benefit, but that it will be continuously (and even increasingly) beneficial to me over time.

It’s for these reasons that I was excited to meet Dean Zarras, the founder of ClearFactr, about a year ago. When he first showed me an early version of ClearFactr, it took less than five minutes for my face to be...

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