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ValueStream Labs Midyear Reflection: Is Our Unique Approach to FinTech Startup Acceleration Working as Well as Expected?

  • By Josh Elwell    
  • July 28, 2014    

To the ValueStream community:

ValueStream Labs launched 16 months ago with the mission to discover and grow the entrepreneurial community in FinTech. At that time, we felt strongly that the Financial Services industry required a different approach from the traditional startup accelerator, and since then we’ve been continually encouraged by the positive reception we receive throughout the FinServ and startup communities.

We launched ValueStream based on a number of hypotheses about how we could best help both startups and investors in FinTech to prosper. We continually reexamine these hypotheses internally, as any good startup should, but today we want to also involve our community in this discussion. We hope this will give you a better view into how we uniquely add value to both the startups and financial institutions that we work with.

Our Initial Hypotheses 

The most important of our hypotheses when we launched were:

    1. We can facilitate numerous and valuable customer...

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