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Launch Your Product Faster And Cheaper By Identifying Your Minimum Viable Customer

If you have been following my “early adopters trilogy”, you might recall I first introduced a simple test for determining when you are ready to start pitching your product to its first customers, the early adopters. And in its second installment, I discussed five important value catalysts you can obtain from these early adopters and how each can be critical to the success of your startup.

Now, it’s time to put these two concepts together and answer an even more important question. While there may be dozens of customer segments that could use your product in its current form (which represents your universe of currently viable customers), which group of customers should you focus on first?

The Minimum Viable Customer

In this post, I’ll lead you through an exercise to answer this question by identifying your Minimum Viable Customer.

In Lean Startup methodology, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the simplest version of your product that has value to a customer....

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