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What Social Sentiment startups are missing

We look at a lot of startups that fall into the “social sentiment indicator" space—software products that track mentions on social media and newsfeeds and then use proprietary algorithms to ascertain what the public sentiment is about a stock, whether bullish or bearish. We're still trying to figure this space out. In our experience, professional investors consistently ask for tools to help them make better assessments of market sentiment on their own, so they can have more nuanced control over how to profit from their own differences in opinion. We're still trying to understand the market size for products that take the discretion away from the investor and lock it away in a “black box”.

While we have struggled with investing in companies that solely sell indicators, we love data tools that empower investors to be better at their jobs, and we believe that social media, newsfeeds, and blog RSS feeds represent an ocean of valuable data. If any of you...

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